Blind Cleaning

The blinds are an area of your home or building that are easy to neglect, however, cleaning your blinds is just as important as cleaning any other area of your home. Carpet Care Connection can take care this for you using patented Ultrasonic technology. We serve Flagstaff, Arizona and its surrounding areas, which includes Sedona. We always strive for the best when it comes to customer service.

Blinds have a tendency to accumulate a lot of dust, mildew and mold. This can aggravate allergies as well as other health problems. A thorough cleaning will be able to remove this dust. This is why we use Ultrasonic blind cleaning solutions, which reduce dust mites and other allergens.

Blind cleaning is not as easy as it looks, it has to be performed by trained professionals. Our technicians are qualified and trained in using the Ultrasonic cleaning system. This technology combines vibration with water-based, non-toxic solutions to thoroughly clean even the tightest areas.

We look forward to helping you preserve your blinds. We also want you to call us anytime that you need to have them cleaned. We will make sure that the customer service is great every time.

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